1) Compare what Santiago is going through now, with what you or someone in your current situation who is about to embark on a life- changing journey. Elaborate on the choices made and why it was made (the book the alchemist)

I have a rough sketch , and since its pretty personal we can hop on a call and discuss it together 

Right now, as a high school student about to make a life-changing decision. The struggle that Santiago goes through at the start of the book rings quite a few bells. I think almost everybody has had to make a similar choice at least once. The choice between sticking with your normal, boring, predictable life and a new, risky, unknown life. Santiago finds him self in that very same position. _Choosing  between staying with his sheep, and chasing a treasure he had a dream about. And  Im making the choice of a life time I have to pick a career I could do the risky thing of majoring in a science field which is a very hard and un predictable degree here or majoring in business because both of my parents are in business and I would have a good job from the get go 


At the start of the book  Santiagos father tries to convince him to become a priest. And Santiago Persisted