4 Pages6 Mandatory Sources 2 Separated Assignment

4 Pages6 Mandatory Sources 2 Separated Assignment

Assignment 1

Post which religion you will be writing on for your Research paper and the links to 2 online articles that will help you with your research (Try to find articles from credible sources/The BBC has some good articles on religion). Explain why you chose this religion to write about.

Religions to research for Final Essay:

* Origin of religion-Paleolithic Age

* Mesopotamian (Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Akkadian)




* Zoroastrianism







Assignment 2

After choosing the religion that you will write about.

Here are the instructions to follow:

Essay should explore one of the religions we talked about in class. Your essay should cover where the religion came from (country of origin), who founded it, what members of this religion practice and believe, and important historical moments in the history of this religion. You can choose to focus on any part of the religion that you find interesting, but you must include the basic who, what, when, where, and why questions too. Feel free to compare this religion to others that we have studied or you are familiar with.

Mandatory Length: 4 pages

6 mandatory sources:

* 3 secondary sources (textbooks, history books, journal articles from the present)

* 2 primary sources (ancient documents from the past, example: holy texts)

* Image (Painting, photograph, chart, etc.)

MLA Format:

Essay must be in MLA format (In-text citations, proper heading, etc.)

Works Cited Page:

Essay must include a Works Cited page with citations for your 3 secondary sources and 2 primary sources

-Please refer to the example essay posted on Canvas Modules to see what MLA format and a Works Cited page looks like. Use this essay as a model for your own.


1) Essay is at least 5 full pages of written text (not including image) = 10 points

2) Essay includes 6 sources (3 secondary, 2 primary, 1 image) = 10 points

3) Essay is in MLA Format (in-text citations, proper heading) = 10 points

4) Essay includes a Works Cited page with at least 5 citations = 10 points

5) Essay demonstrates critical thinking and college level analysis = 10 points

WARNING: Any signs of Plagiarism will result in a failing grade. Plagiarism is when you copy and paste someone else’s words without citing them, making it seem as if you wrote those words. Please don’t do this. Cite every single quote you use and you will be fine.