a paper of seld-explanation

The day as finally come! For 8 years now, I was scared and excited for this day to come. The day I applied for my nursing boards.
On August 17, 2013, my husband and I went out for dinner to our friend’s restaurant. It was his grand opening. I had two glasses of wine, and I made the decision to drive because my husband was incapable to drive. I felt that I was ok to drive, we got into our vehicle, and as I was pulling out from the parking lot I notice a police officer parked on the side of the restaurant. As, I was getting to the parking lot of my destination the police officer turns of his car lights. Three miles down he stopped me. He asked for my driver license, registration, and insurance card. I provided everything. The officer asked me if I was drinking tonight, and I said, “yes” I had two drinks. The officer asked me to step out and he asked to performed the sobriety test then he ask me to blow out on the breathalyzer and it blew out .07%. The office decided to bring me in to the police station I down and waiting for like for like two hours and did the breathalyzer test again and it came by as .08%. I took to trial on 11/12/13 because of the original breathalyzer test was .07%. It was a long trial battle. I have attached all the documents of the trial with outcome along with the DVM paper showing two different breath readings.
I was charged with two counts. One count I was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol of 07% and the second count Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol of .08%. The jury dropped the first count of .07% So, I was charged with one count of .08% All the back and forward with the court and jury was exhausting. You can’t win the law, right? I had mix emotions, I was exhausted and furious. At that point I just wanted to move forward. It is what it is! For that one count I needed to finish 3 months of First Offender Level 1 DUI program, and 2 months of “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” with an “Informal 3 year probation”. Which all 3 were completed and recorded. The three moth DUI program was completed on 11/20/14 and the Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers was completed on 12/05/14. My probation was completed on 08/13/2017. I paid all the fee’s for the court, probation, and DUI programs. I decided that this couldn’t stop me from my dreams. I kept going to community college and get my Associate’s in Math and Biology. I applied for the nursing program, praying that I will get accepted and I did! I was ecstatic! Even though I had and still do have my DUI in my thoughts EVERY day, I decided to keep going and time will tell.
I’ve been in the medical field since my junior year in high school, I went to night school to get my Medical Assistant Certificate, see I never stopped with my career goals. I always knew I wanted to become a register nurse. Nursing school wasn’t easy. There is no words to explain the challenges I faced. There were times I might have felt to give up, but I encourage myself to go forward and make this achievement. I could NOT allow those challenges to deter my ambition to become a Register Nurse. Every day since the DUI hasn’t gotten by that I don’t think about that day. I kept going to nursing school with that thought in my head, but I didn’t want to be part of that statistic of “What if” If I quitted. I’m not going to lie and not say that I kept thinking what about the nursing boards reject me and I ‘m here wasting my time, money, and time away from my family, but I couldn’t let that thinking stop me. There were times that I felt like quitting and I cried and cried and prayed this all this will pay off one day. I took my chances.
So I’m finally here today, writing this letter explaining my situation and hoping this one bad choice justify the person who I am. Trust me I learned my lesson! No drinking and driving even with one drink, UBER is cheaper! I hope this does not take the opportunity from becoming a register nurse. I beg to please give me this opportunity.


This is a personal letter and I take it very seriously, I would like this essay to be narrative and persuasive please. It’s my future were talking about. ☹ Please feel free to add or delete anything you think it doesn’t sound appropriate my grammar is horrible too. I want to make sure they know I’m extremely sorry and sad about this situation.