Abortion Law Exercise

This application assignment affords you an opportunity to explore various laws governing the provision of abortion services. Roe v Wade is the Supreme Courts ruling that, within certain guidelines, women can make decisions regarding how their pregnancies will end. However, states may regulate the conditions under which an abortion is performed.

  • Read Chapters 16 and 18 in the Pozgar textbook.
  • Review the following websites representing federal and state abortion laws.
  • Consider the implications of both federal and state abortion laws on healthcare providers.
  • Write a 2-3 page response listing variations in federal and state abortion laws using the textbook and the websites. Ensure the following questions are addressed.
    • In your state, what are the specific legal and moral issues regarding abortion that being debated currently?
    • What impact would the possible resolutions to these questions have on healthcare providers in your state?
  • It is not necessary to apply a formatting style for this assignment except when using a source to support your writing.