Abstraction in painting

For this reflection, you will consider a concept we discussed in class: abstraction in painting.

First, give a definition of abstraction. This definition should be in your own words, though you may certainly use basic ideas from our class discussion. What does the term refer to? What does it encompass as a description? What is its message? How would you describe the basic principles of it as it was discussed in class? Why do you think its an important concept within the humanities and how do you think it relates to the fields broader studies?

Next give examples. List at least one example of abstraction that we discussed in class. Be specific (title and author) and be sure to include some of the detail of the lecture/discussion about the work. Next, come up with an example we did not discuss in class (this may require a bit of internet research, so be sure your sources are solid). Be sure to give good detail on both, but be especially sure to list the title and author of the outside work, and a link to it.

Relate this concept of abstraction to something from our contemporary world. What connections can you make between abstraction and our shared experience, current events, or the aesthetics of our moment?

Relate the concept of abstraction to something from your own lifemake some association, even if its crazy or weird. The point isnt that the connection make any sense, but you should explain why and how youre making the connection such that I can see it.

What is a question related to the concept of abstraction that might serve as a research question for further study? How would you plan to go about answering this question through research and study?