Accounting CAFR Ch.10

The CAFR is attached that will need to be used. Please answer each question seperatly.

Review the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) you obtained.

1.     Does the government maintain any permanent funds? If so, are they major or nonmajor funds and for what purposes?

2.    Does the government maintain any fiduciary funds? If so, for what purposes?

3.    Does the government contribute to one or more pension plans? Are they defined benefit or defined contribution plans? If they are defined benefit plans, are they single employer (maintained by the government itself) or multipleemployer plans?

4.    Does the government report pension expenses or expenditures? If so, in which fund or funds?

5.    Does the government report pension liabilities? If so, in which fund or funds?

6.    Does the CAFR indicate the actuarial value of plan assets and liabilities? Are the plans overor underfunded?

7.    Does the CAFR include the financial statements of the pension plans? Does it indicate that the pension plans issue their own reports and that these are publicly available?

8.   Did the pension fund investments have a good year?

9.    Does the CAFR indicate that the government provides other postemployment benefits? If so, what is the nature of these benefits? How are they reported?

10.Does the government maintain any custodial funds? How many and for what purposes?