ADNOC Leadership Practices and Working Environment

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The Assessment Requirement

You are requested to answer the following: (Answer all tasks in your own words.

Do not copy any text from the notes, readings or other sources. The response

must be your own work only.):

1.      Evaluate how the organization ‘cultural practices (values, believes, vision, structure) influence leadership styles, practices and performance. Illustrate how organizational performance is measured. (CLO 3) 15 Marks

What are cultural practices? How do we measure employees ‘performance? How values and believes impact leaders’ behaviours and actions? Recommendations: Explore organizational culture and define how it is made and build, who contributes and the role of leaders. Identify what kind of leadership styles managers are using in the organization and see how their own culture impacts their leadership practices


2.      Critically analyse leadership practices in public organizations as opposed to private organizations and identify which leadership styles are more appropriate for both structures when it comes to employees ‘career management. (CLO 4) 15 Marks

 How we manage employees ‘careers in public/private organizations? What leadership styles contribute to career enhancement and growth? Is there a specific leadership style that must be applied in private/public organisations? Recommendations: Do some research on public versus private leadership practices and see if there is any difference. Look at how careers are managed in both types of organizations and try to sport some differences in leaders’ behaviours when it comes to help employees develop their careers.



3.      Based on the most recent development in the leadership area, formulate recommendations (at least 4) on how leaders can balance between employees’ collaboration/empowerment and at the same time competition among employees. (CLO 1 and CLO 4) 10 Marks

How important is for employees the balance between collaboration and competition? How employees are pushed to compete against each others? What role leaders have and how they can contribute to this balance? What type of leadership style would be most appropriate in such situations of competition/collaboration? Recommendations: Elaborate and do research on how organizations cultivate the spirit of competition among employees? What are the benefits? How leadership may mitigate this contradiction between collaborating and competing at the same time? Look for recent leadership practices that really help to implement that balance

Note: The above bolded text is explanation and guidelines for each question.


As a GUIDE ONLY, this section outlines some of the aspects you may consider significant given the brief

shown above. Your report should include:

a) Table of content

b) Provide a brief and clear description about the topic and company

c) Answer to part 1 (CLO1)

d) Answer to part 2 (CLO3)

e) Answer to part 3 (CLO4)

f) Conclusion

g) References