Advocated Insecurity Issues Since Small Essay

Advocated Insecurity Issues Since Small Essay

For this Individual Project, you will use the research you conducted
for your Unit 3 discussion on advantages and disadvantages of social
media (SEE BOTTOM FOR RESEARCH), focusing on written communication

Using your research to support your claims, discuss whether social media improves or damages communication.

Unit 4 Individual Project Template, complete the following for this assignment:

  1. Introduction: In the first paragraph, state your
    thesis and provide a summary of your main topics discussing how social
    media impacts communication. You should consider both the potential
    positive and negative impact social media engagement can have
  2. Body: In 3-4 paragraphs, discuss your main
    topics on how social media impacts communication and how its use can
    positively or negatively impact you professionally. You should include
    both perspectives in your essay, and support your claims with research
    (using the information from the 4 articles you chose for Unit 3,
    ensuring that there is at least one APA style in-text citation for each
    of those 4 articles throughout your essay).
  3. Conclusion: In the final paragraph, conclude your essay by summarizing your main topics.
  4. References page: Create a references page
    following APA formatting to list all references used in this essay. You
    should have a minimum of 4 references, at least 2 of which must have
    come from the CTU Library. For help with formatting your references
    page, check out the Introductory APA Writing Style Guide.

Be sure to remove the instructions from the template prior to submission.


Social Media

media is one of the trending ICT solutions in the modern society
that have a large impact on the people. In the late 21st century,
there has been a rapid growth and exposure of social media platforms
that have both advantages and disadvantages in the public domain.
According to Dean and Platt (2016), there are various advantages of
social media to the public, they include; connectivity, education,
help, information and updates, promotion, awareness, fight against
crime, improve business reputation amongst others. On the other
hand, cyberbullying, hacking, addition, bad reputation, cheating and
relationship issues, health issue, security issues are among the
disadvantages of social media in the society.

media helps to connect people across the globe and interact based on
our experience, exposure, religion, culture amongst others. Through
this, it also enhances educational platform through social media by
a provision of the educational tools to learn new things by sharing
and accessing information easily. In addition, social media helps
people to seek information through advice on a particular problem
such as financial turmoil (Dean & Platt, 2016). It also updates
people on the current news and information across the globe like
Twitter and Facebook platforms. Corporate worlds use social media to
create awareness, promote their services and products, and build a
good reputation. For the security agencies, social media helps out
by creating awareness and tracking criminals on their activities.


are also some demerits observed with the use of social media such as

hacking which is a cybersecurity issue. Personal privacy may be

infringed by hackers and use it against and individual for selfish

gain. Furthermore, various social media platforms such as Twitter

and Facebook users undergo cyberbullying especially to the children

who use the platform (Partridge, 2011). These acts may traumatize

and intimidate kids exposed to such crimes. Another aspect of social

media in addition which influences human lifestyle and waste a lot

of time. It also portrays some threats of health issues when used

too much or frequently such vision from brightness and cancer from

radioactive emission. The bad reputation could be advocated

insecurity issues since one nay use to advertise false information

or hack and access personal information.


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