Aging and the life course

Assignment 1. Midterm paper MidtermAssignment due March 13, 2022 at 11:59 EST
o This willbe your opportunity to gain a more personal experience with aging and
the lifecourse by interviewing someone age 65 or older. This could be a family
member ora friend. You will:
o Explorewhat their theories of aging were throughout their life course: during their
20s,30s, 40s and 50s and how that has shaped and changed over the years to
lead themto their current view.
o Explore thedifferences they experience and see among older people today versus
theirparents and grandparents.
o Explorebiological and psychological changes, health issues and concerns.
Discusshow they feel their feelings and concerns are treated in their discussions
withhealthcare professionals? How has the balance in finances shifted as it relates
tomanaging home life and healthcare needs?
o Exploretheir thoughts about healthy/active aging and what they are doing to try
toimplement this in their daily lives.
o Whatadvice would they give you or their younger selves about aging and
o Reflection:How have the readings thus far and this interview confirmed or
changedyour views about the aged?