Aithe World Economic Forum There Are 3 Different

Aithe World Economic Forum There Are 3 Different

1. discussion; Ethics and AI

The World Economic Forum recently published an article about ethical issues related to artificial intelligence. After reading the article, address the following in your response to this thread:

Of the 9 ethical issues mentioned, which do you find the most pressing/troubling from a moral perspective, and why? And while most of us do not/will not have a direct impact on the creation of these technologies, what do you see as our moral responsibilities, as individuals, in relation to these technologies? In other words, can we, as individuals, ‘do’ anything to address some of these ethical concerns, even though most of us will not be involved in the creation and implementation of these technologies?

Works Linked/Cited:

Bossman, Julia. “Top 9 Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence”. World Economic Forum. 21 Oct 2016. Accessed 21 August 2019.

2.discussion The Mind-Body Problem

After reading Chapter 6 and watching the video below on the mind-body problem, state your understanding of the mind-body problem and explain which view of the mind most agrees with your understanding of ‘mind.’ Are you a dualist? A materialist? Explain why; defend your position with reasons.Where Does Your Mind Reside?: Crash Course Philosophy #22. YouTube video file. [9:06]. Crashcourse. 2016, Aug 1.

3.discussion ; AI and Personhood

Saudi Arabia recently granted the status of citizenship to a robot, Sophia. Read this article about Sophia and watch the video below to see her speak to a live audience. Given recent advancements in the development of sophisticated AI, what do you see as the implications for human beings? Do you think we have moral responsibilities to such creations? Should we consider them ‘persons’? Defend your answer with reasons for your position(s). Often in this thread, students write comments such as ‘AI will never be human’ or ‘no, I do not and will not ever consider AI to be human.’ BUT!!! Note that we are discussing whether AI should be considered persons, not humans. Clearly, to be human means to have human DNA etc., so, AI cannot be human. Make sure to focus your comments on the potential personhood of AI. Interview with the Lifelike Hot Robot Named Sophia (Full) | NBC. YouTube video file. [5:04]. CNBC. 2017, Oct 25.

Works Linked/Cited:

Weller, Chris. “Meet the Fist-ever Robot Citizen – A Humanoid Named Sophia That Once Said It Would ‘destroyhumans’”. Business Insider. 27 Oct 2017. Accessed 30 April 2018.

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