For your literary analysis, you will analyze a fictional work. 

Remember, for your literary analysis, you will analyze and discuss a fictional work. 

For your literary analysis, you will analyze ONE fictional work about your chosen disability, and you will find at least three outside nonfiction sources that help you analyze your one fictional work. All sources should be present in your annotated bibliography. 

Your choice of literary work is going to be a very important step in the process of doing this next major assignment. Please take the requisite amount of time to investigate the listed works on your topic as well as others you may know about. Make sure that you can quickly locate a copy of the work, either online or through one of the libraries available to you.
Also, spend an equal amount of time investigating scholarly sources about the work of literature.
For this assignment, you may use sources available online as well as through the FTCC databases, as long as they are professional and credible reviews of the works.

An annotated bibliography is not merely a list of sources. Although each annotation begins with a properly formatted MLA citation, it contains much more.

First, an annotation includes a summary of the source — at least the thesis and the main points of evidence.

The summary should be five to seven sentences long and should provide a clear understanding of what is included in the source.

In addition, the annotation includes an evaluation of the source, providing such information as the authority of the author, the persuasiveness of the argument, the credibility of the source, and the usefulness of the source for analyzing the piece of literature. For the purposes of our assignment, you should certainly include something about the discussion of disability in the article, and why the source will be useful in your essay.

Before attempting to prepare your own annotated bibliography, please read the following sources carefully:

Annotated bibliographies: 

MLA samples:

Note: You will use the "combination" example and include both summary and evaluation.

Please do not put it off until the last minute. If you do, your annotated bibliography will likely be poorly written.

Every source you plan to use in your literary analysis, including the primary fictional work, should be annotated with a complete annotated bibliography entry. Please review your course readings earlier in this module to review the required number of sources for this assignment. 

At the end of the document, after all of your annotated bibliography entries, please also answer the following questions related to the primary fictional work you are analyzing and discussing in your literary analysis.