An Episode of Two

Reaction to the below discussion. No less than 100 words

I think pops relationship with the seagull a bit odd but not unlikely to be seen in the real world. A couple things i notice about their relationship is that it is built on mutual benefit. Pops likes to fish alone shown here “If theres some other guy there, that guy may come over here to my spot. i get mad at that, and i move elsewhere”. (Faik 2) and the seagull goes and checks on if people are there because he’s worried that because Pops likes finishing alone and if people bother him Pops isn’t going to give the seagull any food. “But all day long, i’m mad as hell; and he’s scared i’m gonna give him no fish to eat”. (Faik 2). Another thing i notice is that the seagull seems to give pops company even though pops probably doesn’t want to admit it. as shown in the way he talks to the seagull it seems there conversations are in a familiar manner like they’ve been friends for a while. “You gonna shut up, you lame thing.” (Faik 1) and “Go on lame gull, answer! tell him” (Faik 3).