Ancient Greece – Campaign for the ideal polis

In order to complete this activity, you will need to be familiar with the following material:
Greece context lectures:    and
Readings from Chapter 2 of your textbook: in attachment
Information on your assigned Greek Polis (see assignments below): USE THE CITY OF CORINTH FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT
Part 1: Get creative
For this assignment, youll need to create a digital campaign poster for an ideal Greek polis (CORINTH), and you’ll want to include an endorsement from either Plato or Aristotle depending on which of the philosopher’s ideas you incorporate in your polis campaign. 
Things to consider when creating your poster:
Remember, Greeks are competitive, so boast about what youve got! Why would anyone want to vote your polis as “ideal”?  How are you different (or better) than other types of poleis? 
Incorporate philosophical values (what would a polis need to have to get the endorsement of Greek philosophers?).
Take some artistic liberties! We know that campaigns take a little creative license, so dont feel like you have to list only the bare, historical facts. Instead, use some historical imagination and/or sprinkle in a little pop culture (ex: If Athena is your spokesperson, you might make her look like Jennifer Lawrence).   Use your best judgment, and remember, offensive posters arent likely to attract voters.
Insert or attach your poster to a thread in this discussion forum.
Posters should demonstrate a thoughtful understanding of Greek culture and political/philosophical values.
No Works Cited necessary.
*** use CORINTH as polis (ancient city)