Annotated Bibliography

Create an Annotated Bibliography.  It should contain an Introduction paragraph with the research question, topic, goals, and aims of the research, followed by at least 3 sources cited using APA or your preferred style guide; *please note the style guide you are using.  Each source should have an annotation which summarizes what the article is about in relation to how it connects to your research questions. You might use these sources in your literature review in your research proposal, although that will look a little different than synthesizing your sources. 

Please note grading criteria is listed alongside description. 

1) Draft title, Research Question (s) or topic you intend to design a research proposal about. (2 points)

2) Aims and Goals of the research (This will likely be incorporated into Intro/Background of the research proposal and have some associated citations) (3 points).

Asking Questions in the Qualitative Research Context.pdf

3) Sample of Research publications you will be referencing in your research annotated.

    When you annotate articles, you should use a combination of summaries and how it relates to your research question. (minimum 3). Each summary should be at least 1 paragraph between 100-150 words.  (3 points) proper citations, grammar, formatting (2 points)