Annotated bibliography depression and their treatmnets

1) The Working Outline The working outline can be informal or formal (see EW 3f and 9k). The claim youre making should be at the top of the page. The claim is your response to the researchquestion you formed. This claim is flexible and might change or adjust as you write. (see EW 9a-e) Include a background section with definitions and context necessary to understand your territory Reasons and sub-claims that support your main claim (see Argument Paragraph Handout) Supporting reasons & evidence including sources, paraphrases, ideas, key quoteso Include citations for evidence Make room for counter-arguments if you have found some, great. If not, well work on those later. Conclusion what do you want your readers to understand? What questions do you still have? Whatareas would you still like to explore? What research needs to be done to answer the questions remaining? Working Bibliography no annotations needed, just an alphabetized list of citations. Use hangingindent.