Annotated Bibliography

Step 1: Research Question
Choose a global issue topic from 1-2C: Global Citizenship
Formulate a research question based on your global issue topic
o This should be the research question from your 1-2C: Global Citizenship [MOM] forum post
Step 2: Sources
Find 4 5 sources that relate to your research question
o At least 3 sources MUST BE scholarly sources: books, journal articles, and/or peer-reviewed sources
o Refer to 1-2B: Scholarly Sources & 1-2D: Get Your Sources to ensure your sources are scholarly
o Your sources should be current (within the last ten years)
o If the rest of your sources are popular sources and/or not current, you MUST explain why you have included them in your research
Cite your sources using MLA format
Step 3: Annotated Bibliography
Write a 150 200 word annotation for each source
Follow the criteria from 1-2D: Get Your Sources to summarize and assess your sources
Step 4: Submit
Follow standard MLA formatting (see below)
Size 12, Times New Roman, Double Spaced
There is an example provided by professor in the page 3 and 4 and last 2 pages are about 10 topics of global issues