answer question about fear about aging

Step 1: Read Chapter Three, watch any videos associated with Chapter Three, examine any other references or resources I have provided in your module for Chapter Three.

Step 2: Answer or address the following question(s) or statement(s):

  • I would like for you to make a list of everything you fear about aging, and a second list of everything you look forward to in life as you age. Discuss the basis of some of your fears about aging and the reasons you look forward to certain milestones. 

  • What are some of the changes you feared or looked forward to when you were younger?

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Submission Format

  • Please type your assignment directly into Canvas using the online text option. 

Time Frame

You will have multiple days to complete this individual assignment. The assignment is due on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. the week the assignment is made available for you.

Criteria for Success

Please ensure your assignment meets the guidelines below, to obtain the maximum amount of points for this assignment.

  • Please include the question(s) before each answer. 
  • Be sure you have used all of the materials available to you for Chapter Three to complete this assignment.
  • The finished assignment should be detailed and thorough.
  • The finished assignment should be free of any spelling or grammar errors. 
  • The finished assignment should have a minimum of two paragraphs (for reference, each paragraph should have 5-10 sentences minimum) for each Chapter’s question(s). In other words, if there are two questions, you should have a minimum of four paragraphs (two for each question posed).
  • Do not expect to receive full credit for only doing the bare minimum. 
  • You will not receive credit for this assignment if more than 20% of the assignment is being flagged by ‘Turn it In.’
  • This assignment is worth 100 points.