Applying Ethics

In a 3-4 page paper, apply your choice  of the following 2 ethical viewpoints as well as your own opinion on what’s right to a self-identified ethical dilemma/problem from a stimulus of your choice:



Your paper should demonstrate the following:
Identification and creation of an ethical dilemma/problem within your chosen stimulus.
Knowledge and understanding of the two ethical viewpoints of your choice.
Application of how the ethical viewpoints relate to your chosen stimulus.
Explanation of your opinion of what’s right regarding your chosen stimulus and self-identified ethical dilemma.
Suitable stimuli for analysis include, but are not limited to:

novels, plays, or poems

song lyrics

cartoons, paintings, photographs or other visual images

films, television or radio programs


newspaper articles/letters


You must choose a stimulus that is non-philosophical in nature.  For example choosing a scene from the show “The Good Place” that is intended to teach about Ethics is not allowed; however choosing a scene from the movie “The Goonies” that deals with a moral dilemma regarding the ideas of right and wrong is allowed.
*Please consult with me if you are unsure if your chosen stimulus is appropriate/meets the requirements of this task.

You must include a short description of your stimulus within your introduction paragraph as well as your identification of the ethical problem/dilemma it brings up.

Your paper should meet the following technical requirements:
3-4 Pages
Times New Roman, 12 Pt. Font
Double Spaced
Chicago Style Citation