Applying for Master in Social Work degree – petition for exceptional consideration Required

Instructions for petition for exceptional consideration

(petition is available to Regular MSW Program applicants whose GPA is below 3.0 or Advanced Standing MSW Program applicants whose GPA is below 3.5)
An applicant who believes that his or her individual circumstances warrant exceptional consideration for a waiver of the minimum admission requirements of an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 for the Regular MSW Program or 3.5 for the Advanced Standing MSW Program must petition the Admissions Committee.

The waiver should be submitted by the applicant in the form of a statement entitled Petition for Exceptional Consideration, and be attached to this application, signed and dated at the bottom. The petition should include a statement indicating how the minimum admission requirement of 3.0/3.5 GPA does not provide the applicant a fair and adequate opportunity to present himself or herself in a favorable light. The applicant should briefly discuss how he or she has indeed demonstrated a capacity for successful achievement in a rigorous MSW program. For example, an applicant might provide evidence of superior grades during the final semester(s) of work before graduation, indicating a trend toward improved performance. Or, subsequent to receipt of the undergraduate degree, an applicant might demonstrate competence through achievement in another graduate program, or have outstanding experience in human service work experience (volunteer or paid).

The applicant should also discuss how, if granted admission to the MSW program, he or she plans to address potential obstacles to successfully complete the program. For example, if a low grade point average was viewed as the result of a need to work full time during my undergraduate studies the applicant should discuss why that is not likely to be a factor during his or her MSW study.

The GPA needed is 3.5

My GPA is 3.396 for my  last 60 credits