This week’s videos feature artist Minerva Cuevas and her various works that include installation, photography, and video. I would like for you to notice the year the videos were published and the year she created the main artworks she speaks about. Think about the context her works carry throughout time. Given our recent time, it is important that we share our thoughts, post solutions, and create a dialog that thrives to better ourselves and our peers. DO NOT SHARE ANY INFORMATION such as person names or others that can place someone in an unconfortable manner. Be sensitive to both your statements and your peers. 

  1. Watch ALL videos on Minerva Cuevas: 
    Video 1 – Bridging Borders: 

    Video 2 – Mexico City (ends on minute 40:37): 
  2. Then, in your own words, answer the questions in either topic A or B (your choice) in AT LEAST 150-200 words and post it as a separate thread in the forum. It’s okay if you go over a little. Be sure to use complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling, deductions will increase each week for these kinds of errors. In order to receive credit, be sure to provide examples from all videos (include artist names, the title of the works, cultures, locations, ext.) to illustrate your response. You are also responsible to utilize the vocabulary and terms you are learning throughout the semester as well as form an actual opinion. In order to best express your ideas, please write all answers in complete sentences using proper spelling and punctuation. 

In the title of your posting, include the question number and a word or two about its content. Then, in your posting, begin by restating the entire question from the list below. 

A. Form: Based on our lectures and readings, how does the artist make use of the elements of design? AND, What elements stand out to you and why? 

B. Content: In what way does the artist explore ideas of borders and their symbolism? AND, How does the artist educate the community through her work?