Art history reading reflection

Task: You will select one of the Reading Reflection Options from the weeks of that unit. You need to first write an analysis of the argument that is presented in the reading (see tips below). You’ll then reflect on that argument by comparing it to ideas and examples we discussed in class. You’ll find it especially useful to think about the course themes.

Course Themes:
Cultural exchange and cultural appropriation
Objects as things and objects as agents
The Self and the Other
Word and Image
Cultural imaginary

Quality matters more than quantity (some can say a lot with very little), but you should aim for roughly 700 words.

The first half of your paper should summarize and analyze the reading. Draw on the saying/doing skills that you’ve developed in tutorial. Your analysis can be split into two paragraphs:
One paragraph should introduce the topic of the reading, the author’s approach, and the author’s argument.
A second paragraph should summarize the body of the essay, explaining how the author supports the argument with particular contexts and sources.
In the second half of the paper, reflect on what you think of the author’s argument or approach by drawing from the class lectures and/or from the other course readings. Is the argument convincing or problematic? Are there contexts or concepts from the unit that you think further support the argument or that you think move the argument in another direction? You may want to compare one or two examples from class to examples discussed in the reading. This is where you’ll find the themes come in especially handy. Compare context as much as content.