Art Response 2

Students will write a short response to a work of poetry or literature (poem, short story, novel, play often read as literature, etc.). The work must be critically recognized by one or more reputable organizations (Nobel, Pulitzer, National Book Award, etc.) and/or be recognized as a historically and culturally significant work, rather than simply something you like or have already read. The student will write 1-2 pages, about 500 words. 
Please write three paragraphs:
1) First paragraph: Students must give the name of the work, as well as the name of the writer when it was written. Students must then describe the story/poem/play in their own words as accurately and vividly as possible.
2) Second paragraph: Students must respond to the work. What is the intellectual or conceptual content of the work? What is it about?
3) Third paragraph: Students must justify their responses, and attempt to use the philosophical terms, techniques, and questions from the course readings. That is, defend your response by applying what were reading, reflecting upon your experiences, and by using your own powers of reason.
Please see the syllabus for suggestions about possible works (or types of work) that are appropriate for this assignment.
*Note: Going online or using the back of the book or anything other than the student’s own mind will not only result in failing this assignment, but the course overall. This is not a research paper; it is a response paper.