1. – find an example of  ILLUSION OF DEPTH in a a 2 dimensional (flat – drawing, painting, printmaking print, … not sculpture, jewelry, or pottery…nothing with a third dimension, but also NO PHOTOGRAPHY in which the illusion of depth is created by the camera) not already picked (see below).
  2. – Read carefully the material on the subject in the module: Linear Perspective – Resources and Visual Elements of Design – Space and Atmosp_Perspective.pdf
  3. When you have found a good example, EMBED the image and write a paragraph about it (approximately 100 words - ok more but no less), specifically:
      • Tell us in particular about  the depicted illusion of depth (what makes the piece look 3 dimensional, how was it achieved in your opinion, etc. – make reference to the written text/lecture about illusion of depth and atmospheric perspective in the module…it’s should be more thank your educated opinion, indeed be based on specific characteristics of the piece and you should use an appropriate vocabulary and explain the "technique" in depth). Make sure your piece is actually representing an illusion of three-dimensionality (not all 2D artworks do). See important terms in the TIPS part.
      • – Describe the work in details- inparticular its balance and what makes it so and how it is effective.
      • Make sure you provide the title, artist, medium, date, dimension, location and hot link (active url) of the museum for the image you have picked in a bullet points list like in the example.