Article Summary & Critical Assessment

Article Summary & Critical Assessment


  • Learn how to read, understand, and accurately report psychological theories and research findings.
  • Understand the role of reflection and critical thinking
  • Apply APA style.
  • Addresses Student Learning Objective(s) (SLO) A, B, J, and K.


Okonofua, J. & Eberhardt, J.L. (2015). Two strikes: Race and the disciplining


of young students


Psychological Science26(5), 617-624

General Instructions

You will

  • read and write a summary of the research report listed in the reading section in APA style.
  • answer the critical thinking worksheet based on the article.

Article Summary Instructions

  • For this assignment, a basic summary is generally 2 paragraphs long and approximately 300 – 400 words total. It should be typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, and adhering to APA style.
    • The first paragraph begins with a topic sentence that describes the main point/purpose of the study (1 – 2 sentence), then summarizes and the main methodology employed to test the hypotheses (~3-5 sentences). Cite the authors and year at least once in the first paragraph.
    • The second paragraph summarizes the main results (~2-4 sentences) and the authors’ discussion and conclusions (~2-3 sentences). The conclusion should address the primary purpose or question of the article. Cite the authors and year at least once in the first paragraph.

Critical Assessment Instructions

  • In complete sentences answer the 5 critical thinking questions. In this section, I am looking for depth of understanding, the ability to think clearly, rationally, and independently (i.e., there is not one specific correct answer for this section).

Full instructions and the article are available in the Files tab and are linked directly below.

Article Summary and Critical Assessment.doc


Okonofua & Eberhardt (2015).pdf