Article summary

Suggested structure for the write-up is to provide a summary of the
article, please ensure that your summary is detailed and covers all the major points discussed in
the articles. The write-up should also have your thoughts/response/learnings on reading the
article (how do you see it is relevant, any personal experiences etc.), and how do you see this being
relevant to your career and how can you apply some of the learnings from the article to your own
life going forward.

Grading Rubric: Grading out of 100 points.
Completeness (50%): Full and detailed summary covering all the major points of the article.
Clarity of writing (40%): Well written response. Consistency of language, flow, sentence construction
etc. Also, how you relate it to personal experiences.
Grammar & spelling (10%): No spelling or grammatical mistakes are acceptable. Each mistake leads
to 2-point deduction.