Astronomy – Short Answer

2) (50 points) Short Response Select ONE of the following prompts to address.

      • Option A: You overhear someone explaining to their child that the different phases of the moon that we see are caused by the Earth’s shadow on the Moon. Is this correct?  Identify what evidence/observations you could make that would support your position.
      • Option B: Research information about an upcoming solar and an upcoming lunar eclipse. Prepare an informational brochure/poster to highlight how best to view each.  At a minimum, you should include date, time, location, what you could expect to see and an explanation of the difference between the two types eclipses.
      • Option C: In recent year, the Roman Catholic Church has devoted a lot of resources to learning more about the trial of Galileo and to understanding past actions of the Church in the Galilean case. Learn more about these studies and present a summary of the current Vatican view of the case. 
      • Option D: Choose a particular culture of interest to you, and research the astronomical knowledge and accomplishments of that culture. Prepare a summary of your findings (either in essay or presentation format.)