Best Practices on Managing Customer Service Assignment: Case Study – Video Presentation

Case Study Overview

Your boss stopped by and dropped a copy of a paper on your desk that he found titled, The Rise of Crowd Logistics: A New Way to Co-Create Logistics Value ( (2017) by Carbone, Rouquet, & Roussat

He explained saying, he heard the company CEO talking about wanting to move towards a crowdsourcing model for delivery of the company’s products but he is not sure it is a good idea. He knows that crowdsourcing, in general, has grown over the last few years, and he heard of the idea of crowdsourcing of logistics at a conference he recently attended. The conference speaker noted that while there may be some advantages to crowdsourcing of logistics, there are also some drawbacks, especially when it comes to customer service.

He is not really sure how crowdsourcing of logistics would work and is worried about its impact on customer service. The company prides itself on proving good customer service and he does not want to lose that reputation. He wants to gain an understanding of the impact on customer service that crowd logistics may cause and has tasked you to develop a  summary of some of the potential issues.

Develop a Video Presentation Briefing

Research crowd logistics and create, a 2-3 minute professional video briefly outlining what crowd logistics is and how it would work, then considering what we learned in this module about customer service, outline any issues (both good and bad) that crowdsourcing of logistics may cause. Make sure the briefing is of good quality in case he wishes to forward it to the CEO.