Bio M3 written assignment

1. Explain how enzymes help to control metabolism in living organisms. Be sure to discuss what enzymes are composed of and how their structure affects their function.

2. Discuss cellular respiration:

  • Name the four steps of cellular respiration.
  • Give the location of each step.
  • Explain how each step interacts with the other steps.
  • Summarize the net energy gain of each step.

3. Discuss fermentation:

  • Name the two types of fermentation.
  • Give the end products of each type.
  • Summarize the net energy gain of each type.
  • Give examples of cells which carry out each type.

4. Discuss the two stages of photosynthesis:

  • How do the light reaction and the Calvin cycle interact with each other?
  • Where does each of these stages occur?
  • What are the reactants and products of each of these two stages?

5. Describe the different ways that C4 and CAM plants carry out photosynthesis, when compared to C3 plants; and then explain in each case why these differences evolved.