Brochure Assignment-“Eco-tourism”

Instructional purpose:

Instead of having a final on-line discussion, you are going to submit a final project on Eco-Tourism.  Your activity this week will give you practice summarizing and synthesizing information and creating an informational brochure.  This is a valuable skill to learn that you will use in school for presentations, in the workplace to advertise a program or service, and in your personal life to promote an event.


Directions and Grading Criteria:

You will need to locate a free brochure template online.  I prefer that you use the free tri-fold brochure template on Microsoft Office  (Links to an external site.)or the tri-fold brochure template from Google (Links to an external site.).  The purpose of your brochure is to educate people about ecotourism by synthesizing and incorporating the main points that you learned in the article "Ecotourism" and the short articles you read about sustainable ecotourism.  I will grade your brochure based upon the thoroughness of your content and the relevance of your images to illustrate your main points. Use the following guidelines:


     Title page with your name, class, and date

     Question 1- Eco-Tourism and Eco-Tourists 

This is information from the article "EcoTourism."  Provide a definition of eco-tourism and describe the characteristics of eco-tourists.

    Question 2 Eco-Tourism Activities

This is information from the article "EcoTourism."  Describe some of the popular eco-tourism activities.

    Question 3- Important Eco-Tourism Destinations

This is information from the article "EcoTourism."  Describe some of the popular eco-tourism destinations.

    Question 4– Sustainable Ecotourism 

This is information from the articles that you read on Sustainable Ecotourism. Provide an explanation of sustainable ecotourism. 

    Question 5- Sustainable Ecotourism in the World Today

Feature an example of one real eco-tourism company in operation today.  Conduct on-line research on an eco-lodge or a company that does eco-tours.  The case studies on The Sustainable Tourism Gateway (Links to an external site.) website is a great place to start.  Educate the readers of your brochure about that company with an emphasis on how they demonstrate a sensitivity to the relationship between tourists, the environment, wildlife, and the local people.  Avoid just listing the activities that they provide.

The Sustainable Tourism Gateway (