Business Ethics


Address the top five (5) ethical issues confronting your field of study. After you have briefly addressed each ethical issue, then rank them according to the literature in your field of study and/or by the importance placed upon them by the current media. As you rank them, please document your sources and justification for the ranking. Finally, analyze each ethical issue according to its impact on the field, relevance to the current and future stakeholders in the field, and make any and all recommendations for improving such ethical issues, situations or dilemmas that impact your field of study. During this analysis, please consider the issue of social responsibility and how leaders in your field have addressed these ethical issues.

1.    Write 2200 content words not including title page, abstract, or references.

2.    Include 7 references (must be academic/scholarly journal)

3.    Use APA 7th edition formatting

4.    The “top 5 ethical issues” will be the following in order:

1.    Unethical Accounting

2.    Social Media Ethics

3.    Harassment and Discrimination

4.    Health and Safety

5.    Technology/Privacy

5.    Use the following headers/format:


Literature Review

·         In this section, you should provide a critique of the 7 articles you researched on the topics presented. Specifically, you are conducting a mini-review of literature that will support your topic and many times, your point of view.

Findings/Results of Research

·         In this section, provide a brief description of what YOU learned in your research. Write in first person and give specific thoughts or experiences.

Recommendations for future research

·         In this section, discuss the areas of research that need further examination. This will tie in with your findings/results. What would you like to study further? Is there a concept/idea that was not addressed in your research? Be specific. Include one or two items to consider.