Business Homework #6

Read thoroughly and complete the following, pay special attention to the AND’S & OR’S and what’s typed in red.

Marketing the Small Business

E-Commerce and the Entrepreneur

An entry into small business for many entrepreneurs is e-commerce, the digital sales of product or services. Fewer economic barriers to opening and conducting business provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get started, and one of the most important orders of business is getting the word out, or marketing the business.

For this assignment, list 6-7 digital marketing methods or tools to advertise, promote and sell a product or service. You are not expected to understand the underlying technology, but you should be familiar with the many digital, commercial marketing techniques out there. We are all inundated with them.

No specific product or service required. Imagine the business world and how an entrepreneur can be a competitive part of it.

Be sure to include your reasoning for why these digital marketing methods are crucial to small business success!


Pricing and Credit Strategies

Explain the pricing methods and strategies for retailers, manufacturers, and service firms 


Describe the impact of credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets on pricing.

Responses will need to be a minimum of 400 words for credit.