BUSS340 Week 6 Video Case Study – Capacity Planning, Design and Process


You are a student completing an internship with a local manufacturing company, and they have expressed an interest in possibly hiring you after your education has been completed.  In order to gauge how your skillset is so far, they have asked you to evaluate and describe the design and processes of four different companies and make recommendations.

You will evaluate three companies throughout Weeks 2, 4 and 6.  After evaluating each company, will submit an essay that includes a description of the company, along with your findings/recommendations of each video case study addressing the prompts associated with them.  
Week 6: LEGO Capacity Planning, Design, and Process
Read the article, Subsidiary Initiative at LEGO North America and watch the 17:08-minute video titled The LEGO Story, which touch upon some important elements that we have been studying including quality, culture, detail, and teamwork.  Submit a 500-word essay that address the following:
  • Identify what type of forecast planning method is being used at LEGO.  Do you think it is an efficient process? Explain your answer. 
  • Discuss opportunities, in terms of capacity planning, LEGO can utilize for growth in a global environment  
  • Evaluate LEGOs current capacity planning method and make recommendations for implementing a new capacity planning method.  Include justification for your recommendation. 
  • Include four scholary sources (including the article provided and the video) to justify your findings/recommendations.

The LEGO Story –