My field of study is Information Technology/Network Management

The Assignment: 

Your objective is to produce the first draft of your Cause and Effect essay.
The first draft will be a complete essay of 750 to 1000 words describing the causes of a problem
in your field and supporting your ideas with research from web resources (minimum two sources
total). You may not use first person (I, we, us) or second person (you) in this essay. Make sure
that you write about a single problem and three causes of that problem, not three problems.
To get full credit, the Module 3 first draft should be:
at least 750 words on the assigned topic. The assigned topic is to identify a
single problem in your field of study and to describe three causes of that problem.
The topic is not to write about three problems.
a minimum of five paragraphs.
in MLA Format
your original work. The purpose of using outside sources is to support your ideas,
not to provide the actual content of your paper.
original to this session of this class. Do not submit work that you have previously
submitted for any other class, including other sections of this one.
original to this essay. Do not copy any work from your previous essays to use in
this paper.
Students should reference and cite at least two credible internet sources for this
assignment. All sources should be cited properly in MLA Style both in the text of the
document and with full Works Cited citations.