Change Management within the field of Public Diplomacy


Analyze the changes in the field of publicdiplomacy to determine if there have been periods of time in which leadersin the field, as well as actual practitioners in the field, have had to addressthe issue of change management. Specifically, this analysis should be based ona synthesis of the current literature (and literature no older than 1995) todemonstrate how leaders in your field of study have addressed the issue ofchange management as well as any changes in management style. Finally, relatethese specific changes to your current, previous, and/or future career paths.This analysis should help to reveal how you have seen changes occur over thepast decade or so in your field. Finally, what possible changes, suggestionsand/or recommendations would you consider to be necessary in your field of study?

1.   Write2200 content words not including title page, abstract, or references.

2.   Include7 references (must be academic/scholarly journal)

3.   UseAPA 7th edition formatting

4.   Usethe following headers/format:



        Thegoal of an introduction is to get your reader’s attention. This is where youprovide any necessary background information on the topic, before you establishwhy you are writing the paper. Include definitions for what may be new termsfor the reader.


        Inthis section, you should provide a critique of the 7 articles you researched onthe topics presented. Specifically, you are conducting a mini-review ofliterature that will support your topic and many times, your point of view.

Findings/Resultsof Research

        Inthis section, provide a brief description of what YOU learned in your research.Write in first person and give specific thoughts or experiences.

Recommendationsfor future research

        Inthis section, discuss the areas of research that need further examination. Thiswill tie in with your findings/results. What would you like to study further?Is there a concept/idea that was not addressed in your research? Be specific.Include one or two items to consider.


        Restateyour thesis and summarize the main points of your paper. Do not introduce anynew material in the conclusion that was not previously discussed.