Client List Per Brand Mkt315 Week 10 Discussion 1

Client List Per Brand Mkt315 Week 10 Discussion 1

Week 10 Discussion 1

“Marketing Channels” Please respond to the following:

  • Analyze the marketing channel issues that may arise when a product is bundled with a service.
  • Analyze the implications of service characteristics for channel management.



RE: Week 10 Discussion 1

Professor and Classmates,

Of the issues between conventional marketing channels and ancillary or service providing channel participants is the degree with which they can be divided into two separate entities. A product is manufactured from a client list per brand due to contractual agreements. The manufacturer does not own the brand of the product being created. They are then two separate entities-because the product brand could be manufactured somewhere else with the same uniqueness.

Service providers however are largely connected to the consumer by specialty. The service they provide is uniquely confined to their profession. As per the textbook. A dentist by vocation provides as service as a skilled member of the profession. Hence the person is not a separate entity from the service they provide. As an example: A Dentist credentials are DDS, known to the consumer as Doctor of Dental Surgery, though when we have a toothache, it is those marketed credentials we are a looking for as consumers to make the pain go away. From this marketing perspective, the approach and emphasis to channel management strategy is somewhat different.

Characteristically however, following the four P’s marketing mix, a quality service, even bundled can be marketed through promotion, per price point, using unique service product and/or brand recognition, and by targeted distribution placement. Because of the nature of some service channels and using customization and perish ability as examples, channel management can also sometimes be difficult. Though more imagination or creativity is needed to reach targeted marketing goals, the objective towards marketing both product and services is essentially the same.

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