CliftonStrengths Reflection Paper

Learning outcomes

1.     Cognitive Complexity

c.      Evaluate the human context of leaders, including personality, gender, culture, and ethics;

4.     Inter- and intra- personal wellness

f.      Identify personal strengths, personality characteristics, purpose, and calling and demonstrate its application to leadership practice within the contexts of life and work.

7.     Leadership

h.     Develop practical skills to become creative, collaborative, informed, competent, and compassionate people who influence the various contexts into which they are called.

i.       Develop a meaningful answer to the question, “Why should anyone be led by you?”



1.     You should have read  Rath & Conchie: Strengths-Based Leadership (pages 7 – 95 and the 5 additional resources related to your top 5 strengths).

2.     You should have read your Signature Theme Report and Strengths Insight Guide (can be downloaded from the same website you downloaded your report at no extra charge).

3.     Write a 2-page reflection paper on your experience in your group as it relates to your personal strengths:


§  Include an introduction citing your report and the textbook (for they will have informed your thoughts and ideas).

§  What are your top five strengths and in your own words, how are they defined?

§  Describe how your strengths emerged in your group experience.  Give specific examples.

§  Did your group experience align with other experiences you have had related to your strengths?

§  What challenges did you encounter and how did you resolve them?  What strength’s themes, if any would have been helpful in your group experience?

§  Don’t forget to cite your theme report and the text and include them in your reference list.

Use as resource for APA 7.