Cognitive bias (critical thinking in HDFS)

Lilienfield, Ammirati, and David (2012) state that, good practitioners are typically those who are most cognizant of their propensity toward mistakes, because they can make concerted efforts to minimize them (p. 15). Correcting cognitive errors requires not only recognizing them, but also making strides to correct or minimize them, and the effects they may have on others.

Answer the following questions:

1. Choose three of the cognitive errors and biases listed in the table (within the assigned article), Widespread cognitive errors and biases relevant to school psychologists.

2. For each cognitive error or bias, provide (a) an example of the cognitive error or bias; and (b) a way that the cognitive error or bias could be minimized.

    Your examples should be relevant to HDFS, and can be ones that you have experienced, or could imagine experiencing as a professional.