Community Health Test # 1

Community Health 

You are to research local community organizations in your area. The goal is to find an organization that you could potentially become involved in. Find an organization that works toward the improvement of health within your community. This should be an organization you are passionate about.

  1. Create your APA sources
  2. Do not use complete paragraph form, listing things out is preferred using bullets or number.

Identify one local organization in your community that is of interest to you. 

1.       Provide a description of this organization. How do they help? What is their purpose? When do they meet? What services do they provide? How can people get involved? What is their targeted population, be specific?  (10 pts)

2.       What additional information do you need to be a well-informed member of this team? What types of statistics do you need to know? What processes do you need to be informed on? Provide those details here and cite using APA formatting. (For example, if you are looking into an organization that helps prevent teen pregnancy you will need to know the rate of teen pregnancy in your area, has it increased or decreased?) (10 pts)

3.       Identify the levels of prevention related to this cause. (10pts) (see page 7 of your textbook)

a.      Primary Prevention

b.      Secondary Prevention

c.      Tertiary Prevention 

4.       How does this cause/organization impact health from a global standpoint? Does this only impact the people in your community or is this a global issue? (10pts)

5.       What is the solution? Pick one problem and come up with a solution on how to impact the health of this population. (For example: teen pregnancy, a solution could be creating a presentation for all high school students and reaching out to the health teacher about doing the presentation each year). (10pts)