Community Health Worker

Core Competency two for the Community Health Worker is about assessment for the individual and the community. 

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Community Outreach: Community Health Needs Assessment — Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Duration: 2:27 
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I only need at least 200 words. After seeing the video I need to answer these questions:
What specific skills will you be practising at your site that you will be a part of your evaluation or if you are doing a project based internship how will you show in your project which skills you have practised.?
Whick skills will it be hard to practise at your particular site or project .Not all sites offer the same experience so please explain why you will not have an opportunity to practise these skills.
How does your site do its own assessment of the organisations need or its clients needs ?
Is their assessment for individuals who need help or for the community or both?
How is your organisation using assessment results to help clients or the community?
Are there specific tools that they use for assessment such s surveys or a questionnaires or focus groups?