Compare and contrast the social criticism of Goldsmith and Swift to today’s issues.

Using at least two current newspapers, news magazines, or television news programs, research current political and/or social issues in the U.S. or the world. Choose three or four issues to focus on. The editorial or opinion sections should be especially helpful. Compare the things either Swift or Goldsmith, or both Swift and Goldsmith, found that needed changing in their centuries to today’s issues. What similar issues do we face today?

Write an essay (at least 500 words) that compares the issues of these two different times. Include your personal perspective on the issues and solutions offered for today’s issues. Are they really issues that need attention as far as you are concerned? Are the solutions offered valid as far as you are concerned?

Organize your notes and create an outline Utilizing your outline and notes, write the first draft of your essay, making sure that you follow your outline. You must use MLA in-text citations and include a works-cited list to cite your sources. (If necessary, refer to the MLA format sites available in the Reference of this unit.) Revise your first draft and submit the completed essay. Your outline need not be submitted for grading.