Computer Science Assignment – making the test guide answers

INSTRUCTIONS: questions 1 to 4
go over the study guide and complete the questions based on the topic, where the diecsription or equation is removed u can make up anything to make it fit to the given question and make the 
code that should run. you must do same for all questions finish the question with any data or 
equation u like and come up with its solution and make sure the code runs for all the questions. 

Question 5 is where you are making up your own question and solution for the code. Read the 
guide. it should be long enough for about 8 marks. I will send u notes of the lectures we have 
covered so far so you can use those similar type of question for question 5 only. 
I have attched the screenshots for each question to its sample answer and how the code should look like in each question depending on how the question is formatted. look at the question carefully then make sure you make the right code to run it. 

This course provides an introduction to the field of simulation and modeling. A selection of casesillustrating significant applications in the sciences will be examined. Computational considerationsassociated with limited precision will be covered. The foundations of modeling will be studied usingdiscrete simulations and cellular automata. The course provides the student with experience handling dataincluding examining issues of data integrity.Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:1. demonstrate an understanding of the meaning, purpose and value of scientific computing2. discuss the role of simulation in various scientific fields3. apply scientific methods to simple cases in modeling and simulation4. summarize the general ideas underlying computer simulation5. implement a simulation and collect data6. implement processing software for managing and working with raw scientific data7. interpret data and make conclusions