Comunications class

Page Requirement: 5-7 FULL pages (works cited is not counted toward page requirement)


Content Details:

  • Media representation (Film of your choosing the depicts a clear interpersonal relationship)


  • Real-life representation (One interpersonal relationship you are currently in)

Using theories and concepts discussed in class you will compose an analysis of either (1) a media representation of an interpersonal relationship OR (2) a real-life interpersonal relationship you are in. You will use terms (definitions and citations) discussed in class to analyze the following: 

1. What relational development stage is the film/your relationship at?

2. How did it get there?

3. What are some key aspects of the interpersonal communication taking place?

4. How can it be improved? 

Make sure to use clear concrete examples from the film or your life for the concepts you are explaining. Make the connection between the example and the concept clear. Concepts/theories for this paper will be mostly from chapters 9, 10, 11, 12 from your textbook (but you are not limited to them). You are required to include Knapp’s Relational Development model plus 5 additional concepts (Knapp’s does not count toward the 5).


Potential terms/concepts/theories to discuss:

  • Similarity Theory, Social Exchange Theory, Comparison level, self-disclosure, dialectical tensions, relational maintenance, relational transgression, types of friendship, Expectancy Violation Theory, Communication Privacy Management Theory, family communication patterns, Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, relational commitment, love language, conflict, conflict styles, Gottman’s “Four Horsemen”, conflict management, communication climate, confirming messages, disagreeing messages, etc.

The terms above are meant to get you thinking. You do not need to address every term/theory. As long as you fully answer the four bold questions above.


Style Details:

  • 5-7 (full) pages double-spaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman, one-inch margins.
  • MLA style, including works cited page.
  • Submitted on Canvas as Word document or PDF
  • Full sentences, correct use of paragraph breaks, avoid grammar and spelling errors.
  • Your name and a title for this paper should be at the top of the page.
  • The paper should have a clear introduction paragraph that grabs your readers attention, presents your thesis statement, and a preview of your paper.
  • The paper should have a conclusion paragraph that reviews your main points, restates your thesis statement, and ends with a lasting impression.
  • Key terms from the course should be in bold. Make sure you are defining (and citing) the terms used and fully explaining them.
  • Use clear organization throughout the paper.

Criteria for Evaluation:

  1. Fulfilled purpose of assignment: Fully address (1)what relational development stage is the film/your relationship at, (2) how did it get there, (3) what are some key aspects of the interpersonal communication taking place, (4) and how can it be improved.
  2. Application class terms/theory: Your paper needs to include terms/theories discussed in-class in accordance with your examples. Terms/theories must be defined/explained and in bold.
  3. Clear examples: Your paper needs you use clear and detailed media examples or personal examples that demonstrate the terms/theories you are citing. The connection between concept and examples should be clear.
  4. Organization: The paper needs to be in an easy to read format with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  5. Style: Correct MLA format must be used, correct citations and works cited page, correct grammar/spelling.

*Late assignments are not accepted*

*All papers in this class are run through a plagiarism checking software* 

*Submit as a Word Document or PDF ONLY*