Concept Map

Fill in the concept map linked below (see attachment). Look at opportunities, real or imagined, for collaborative and/or interdisciplinary care. What could you do to make everything and everyone work together for the good of the patient?
The evaluation may be real or imagined as well. Think "outside" the realm of the clinical picture you’re presented. If you believe the suggested improvements to care will benefit the patient, say so! If you are not convinced that the prescribed collaboration will be effective, say that as well.
Scoring Rubric:


  • Student lists relevant Clinical Manifestations and Subjective & Objective Data – 4
  • Student gives appropriate Patient Data: PMH and Significant related Findings – 4
  • The student uses appropriate Nursing Diagnosis, using NANDA wording, and has measurable, reasonably attainable Goals. – 4
  • Student lists all appropriate Laboratory and Test Data. – 4
  • The student gives appropriate interventions based on collaboration and interdisciplinary care. – 4

Total 20