Course Project

What to do: Review the instructions for this assignment.


  • To learn how to write an executive report
  • To learn how to clearly articulate your own work and activities
  • To provide a description of your activities
  • To provide a description of the supply chain you are mapping
  • To provide a description of the application you developed and deployed



  • Provide a 1.5 line-spaced, , one-inch margined, 12-sized font document consisting of no more than 10 pages, including a cover page, images and references.
  • The cover page must include your name, course name, session number.


What to Include

  • A one-page summary of your work
  • A view in history of the consumer good you chose
    • How was it discovered or invented?
    • What have been the issues associated with its extraction/production/distribution/consumption?
    • What is the current state of its industry (i.e., demand, supply, major players, etc.)?
  • The supply chain mapping
  • References
    • Include all sources you have used so far to complete this assignment
My role is VP of Sales.