Criminal Law-Discussion Board 4

Defend your position with concrete examples from the textbook and real-life cases, if applicable. One post is required answering both questions 250 minimum word count, APA citation is required.

Accessories and Accomplices

o State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Website.

1.How did you interpret the information provided in the instructions on the website? Is there anything in the instructions that you believe would be misleading to a juror? If you could change anything in the instructions, what would it be?

9-110.000 – Organized Crime And Racketeering

o The U.S. Attorneys Office Criminal Resource Manual Website

2.Access the website, read the RICO section, and answer the following questions. What is required for an U.S. Attorney to file a RICO criminal indictment? What is the review process? What are U.S. Attorneys encouraged to consider prior to seeking indictment? Why do you think that the process for filing a RICO criminal indictment is so complex?