Critical Questions

Only use the text book for answers for these questions please ! Also cite where answers are found please ! 

Remember that you are demonstrating your knowledge and academic skills in these assignments. That means you are to ALWAYS explain all course terms, and use formal academic writing skills. Your scores will reflect your ability to meet these criteria  

Answer the following questions:

Chapter 5

1) What is changing in rates of early childhood obesity and why?

2) What do impulse control and perseveration have in common?

3) What barriers to logic exist at the preoperational stage?

4) How does theory of mind help a child interact with other people?

5) What do most early-education programs provide for children that most homes do not?

Chapter 6

6) What are children thought to gain from play?

7) Describe the characteristics of the parenting style that seems to promote the happiest, most successful children?

8) Describe the nature and nurture perspective on how people develop morals?

9) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using induction as a discipline technique?

10) What can social programs do to achieve primaryprevention of child maltreatment?