The quizzes are designed to assess your ability to (1) assimilate the principles of cybersecurity discussed in the course lectures and (2) synthesize coherent, informed, and defensible insights based on these principles.

         A superior essay will be clearly structured and expressed in .
         A reasonable answer for each question will range between 700 and 1,000 words. Shorter answers are likely to represent insufficient effort; longer answers risk digression and verbosity. 
         The quality of the writing should mirror the quality of the thinking. Incomplete sentences, poor grammar, and unexplained jumps in reasoning will result in lower scores regardless of the overall quality of the thinking.
         Apply a consistent style using The Chicago Manual of Style (16 th Edition). If you are unfamiliar with how to use a style guide,  .
         Cite at least two sources for each answer. Remember to cite ideas and concepts that you draw from your sources, not just the direct quotes you might use.
Answer the following three questions:
          1.      Analyze why cybersecurity is so hard. Explore three concepts or technologies that have emerged recently that might help tip the balance in favor of the defenders.
          2.      Compare and contrast cybersecurity management and traditional management.
          3.      Create a resume of a notional but successful IT manager. What would it contain?