Descriptive Statistics

Use the spreadsheet of data provided to complete these next steps. You will only be working with two variables, haircut and grocery. 

Using the variable HAIRCUT: o Organize and create a graphical display: Frequency Distribution (using 7 classes) Histogram o Compute Measures of Center & Variation: (Round to 2 decimal places) Mean, Median, Mode Standard Deviation Using the variable GROCERY: o Compute Measures of Position (and also identify the following): Compute the mean, median, and mode. Find the 5 Number Summary Construct a Modified Boxplot with outliers clearly identified.o LINK to tutorial for Modified Boxplots: These can easily be constructed in the TI84 Calculator

This descriptive statistics can be displayed on a google doc or Word document.
The link to the spreadsheet of data:
I have also attached a pdf file of the dataset description to help you understand the dataset better.