Developmental psych “letter”

Pediatric Consultation Letter

A mother of a newborn is in her pediatricians office for her babys routine checkup. The mother believed that playing Mozart during pregnancy would make her baby smarter. The doctor explains to her that there is no evidence that Mozart during pregnancy increases a babys IQ. The woman exclaims, I did all this research on the Mozart Effect though! Didnt playing music have any effect? 

Later, the doctor thinks about what effects the music could have had, if any, on the developing baby. Knowing you are an amazing student of Developmental Psychology, the doctor reaches out to you to consult you for your opinion. He wants to know: 

  • What exactly is the “Mozart Effect”?
  • Would playing music for a fetus have an impact on the baby once its born? 
  • Are the effects harmful, helpful, or neutral? 
  • How can parents make use of this information when they are deciding to play music, read stories, or talk to their babies? 


Write a letter back to the doctor with your response. Remember, the doctor is asking you in a professional capacity and wants your opinion as someone who studies the topic. The letter should be at least 1-page single-spaced, including proper letter formatting. You should also cite at least 1 peer-reviewed empirical source to support your claim.

i attached the recommended reading below