Different Cultures Handle Common Buad Recognizing

Different Cultures Handle Common Buad Recognizing

Recognizing Culture

The GLOBE Study identified 9 dimensions of Culture which you should
review before completing this assignment. (see page 141 in the Kinicki
& Williams text or class slides for descriptions).

For this assignment, you will need to first watch the following TEDx Talk by Pellegrino Riccardi:


Pellegrino describes culture as what is “accepted and familiar” in
our lives. In his talk, he gives numerous “artifacts” where it is
highly visible how different cultures handle common situations such as
driving, waiting in line (queuing), providing service, negotiating
rules, communicating with one another, and many other exaples.

For this assignment, you need to identify 3 different “artificats” which Pellegrino discusses in his talk. I would like you to identify which of the 9 GLOBE “values” you believe may be causing each artifact that you identify.

For example:

  • At 6:43 Pellegrino shows a picture of the King of Norway on a
    train sitting in what appears to be coach along with other passengers.
    Even though he is a king, he is treated no differently than the other
    passengers. This is an “artifact”.
    The cultural value(s) which may likely be causing this artifact are
    “Power-Distance” In particular, this may be an example of low power
    distance as the king is treated equally to the commoners. Similarly,
    this could be “Humane Orientation” or a high level of humane orientation
    as this really displays an emphasis on fairness in the way the king
    treats others.

This assignment does not require a great deal of writing, but you
should be sure to provide some justification for your answers. You
should identify three (3) different artifacts which Pellegrino mentions
in the video and describe which cultural value(s) you believe might be
causing each artifact.

Submit your response as a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file.

You may bullet point your answer,
so long as you provide some justification to clearly indicate why you
believe a given artifact is associated with a specific cultural value.

This is a critical thinking activity. I do believe that it will be challenging for some students.

Do your best.

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